La Tragedia

by Fake Hooker

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Self Recorded in late 2009


released June 5, 2010



all rights reserved


Fake Hooker Brooklyn, New York

loud music

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Track Name: Toss Away
i always knew i was a toss away
historically, don't got an ounce of sway
i hear em comin - i hear em comin
i'm just not like them

i always knew i'm highly pitiful
my impact, in fact, is not visible
i hear em comin - i hear em comin
i'm just not like them

hey you with the marionette
i got some fingers that you ain't seen yet

just don't like them
Track Name: Obscurity
birth - anxiety
school - anxiety
work - anxiety
death - anxiety

i got my crayons but the color coding reeks of lies
here comes the v.i.p. in his suit and tie with his heavy sighs

drugs – security
guns – security
sex – security
money – security

i don't need to walk it off baby
i don't need to walk it off

no - oh no - i'm told it's all a show
you - hey you - just do the things you do

Track Name: Donkeymule
i did what you said you want me to
(got a carrot on a string dangling in front of..)
you did what you said you would not do
(take it all in a bite, you know you want to)

meet the meat it’s raw
know i’m no fan of ya

got a carrot on a string
make you make me give you the shakedown
(kinda shitty how you never ever offer any..)
help me get my face up off the ground
(take it all in a bite, you know you want to)

meet the meat it’s raw
know i’m no friend of ya
flee from flea it’s wrong
mite has might so strong

dangling in front of –
got a carrot on a string
Track Name: Building Fences
got you on the defensive got you building fences pensively
yet i dont feel offensive nothing makes sense extensively
let's get blind, deaf and dumb

please excuse my behavior i'm a salty flavor basically
you could be my savior but i'm a belly acher bakery

psycho circle
need a bigger pocket
my two cents
burnin holes
already spent

it's in our nature
we'll elevate ya
or desecrate ya
it's up to you and your determination
Track Name: Curb Yourself
why have you built your houses made of gold?
this fig leaf will not cover all my holes
one altar boy, two altar boys - keeping dirty secrets
eat flesh, drink blood i hunger for your soul

gonna treat him right
gonna treat her morally

just pick up any cement block and let that thing drop
go curb yourself
just pick up any of these rocks and i'll get the mop
go curb yourself
Track Name: Science
you said it! you can say it again
couldn't agree more, you damn right, friend
you're correct! yeah - you just speak the truth
footnotes and sources - you're a super-sleuth

outta the way you go
i don't like you sir, i don't like you so..

you demon! straight from hell
things seem scary, i'm too dumb to tell
voodoo you tryin to teach me
i will not hear so i fail to see

albert einstein
string theory

why you always gotta ruin it for everyone?
all i ever did was expand your mind
why you gotta be the rain on the brain parade?
at least you'll die in due time
Track Name: Bitemark
why would you say now, why i went insane now? let it go
attention to humans - you live simple lives you know not what you're doing
i don't give a damn about the useless fuckin shit you're gonna say
attention to humans - your vision is narrow with knives like an arrow
you don't seem to matter too much
what's your fancy?

rats trailing shit scurry everywhere
roaches laying their eggs
vultures circle round waiting for a
dead man, still on his legs

you're a nice lookin alien, but you're in jail again
no, i won't beam you up
you don't seem to matter too much
what's your friends name?
Track Name: Vehicle
goddam it, i fell the fuck over
i put one foot in front of the other i –
must have missed a step
somehow it brought me down

it’s alright

inform appendage that i’m ready now, so anyhow
obstacles greet meet at the finish line til the end of time
you can’t help it it’s bigger than you
you try, and you try, and you try

good thing it was a test drive
Track Name: Schrödinger's Cat
the monotony is getting to be like a reverse sex change
my advice to you is scooby dooby-doo, do i have to explain?

there's a place where all the things you never did, you did em!
there's a place where all the cats are dead alive
there's a place where you can shake hands with yourself in rhythm
there's a place where you don't have to survive!

it don't matter what choice you make
all your options are planned mistakes

the absurdity is now reality with a touch of dada
you're evidently done well before you've begun, don't look all slack-jawed

hey, cat!
Track Name: Pentagon
i found my sister dead
i had a motive it's inside my shitty head
i got no motorcycle - i got no brain
i got no friends left cause i'm insane


i found my parents dead - it's all the same
they hated me and thought i was lame

i found out what's goin on
i found out from the pentagon

is this a sign?
the end of the world?
just let me know..

you say anything, i'll believe you